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You can download the reports from this page for distribution and discussion for your group consciences

If your group still wishes to have copies mailed out please notify the office committee via phone or email

Minute for Intergroup Committee quarterly Reports

The Central Coast of Alcoholics Anonymous Constitution Download PDF

Quarterly Meeting Date

Meeting Agenda and financial reports

Minute From Meeting









Committee Meeting  September 2017.pdf




Committee Meeting JULY 2017.docx.pdf


Committee Meeting JUNE 2017.pdf






FEBRUARY Quarterly Meeting


July 2015


AA Minutes Committee Meeting 2062015.doc

AA Minutes Quarterly Meeting 2062015.doc

April 2015

Minutes AGM 18042015.pdf
Chairman’s Report AGM 18042015.pdf
Secretary’s Report post AGM 18042015.pdf
Office Bearer’s Report post AGM 18042015.pdf

March 2015

AGM Agenda 18 Apr 2015
Chairman’s Report 16 Mar 2015
Secretary’s Report 16 Mar 2015

Financial Report 16 Mar 2015

2015minutes/AA MINUTES 16032015.pdf

February 2015

2015minutes/AA MINUTES 070215.pdf

January 2015

2015minutes/AA minutes 1212015.pdf


2015minutes/AA Minutes Quarterly Meeting 17012015.pdf

December 2014

December2014minutes/AA Meeting Minutes December 2014.pdf

October 2014

October2014minutes/AA Quarterly Meeting Agenda.pdf

October2014minutes/October AA Meeting Minutes 2014.pdf

2014 January 1st

jan igm2014\Agenda for Intergroup 1st of Feb 2014.pdf

8th October 2013 Intergroup minutes.pdf

Quarterly Reports October 2013

2012\Intergroup Agenda for Quarterly Meeting October 2013.pdf

Quarterly Reports July 2013

2013 July quarterly\Intergroup Agenda 27th July 2013.pdf

2013 July quarterly\Official Reports 27th July Intergroup.pdf

 Committee of Central Coast Service Office.pdf

AGM 11th of May 2013

Venue is the office 5:30pm

2013 \Intergroup Agenda 11th May 2013.pdf

2013 Reports AGM 11th May 2013.pdf

2013 \prudent reserve balance.pdf


2013 reports\AGM 11th May 2013.pdf

Jan 2013

Agenda for quarterly meeting 2nd February 2013

Financial report

pdfagm2012\Quarterly Sept to November 2012.pdf

Groups who supported the office this quarter

Intergroup Minutes 2nd February, 2013.pdf


Agenda for quarterly meeting 27th October 2012

Financial report Quarterly june to august 2012.pdf

\Intergroup Meeting minutes 27th October 2012.pdf

July 28th 2012 quarterly

Agenda for Quarterly Meeting 28th July 2012.pdf

Financial report Quarterly Mar2012 to May2012 finances.pdf

pdfagm2012\Quarterly Meeting minutes 28th July 2012.pdf

April 21st 2012 AGM

pdfagm2012\Intergroup Meeting Agenda 21st April 2012for Web.pdf

Finance report 2012\March 2012to February 2012.pdf

pdfagm2012\AGM minutes 21st April 2012.pdf

January 28th 2012 quarterly

2012minutes\Agenda for Quarterly Meeting 28th Jan 2012.doc

2012minutes\Intergroup Meeting minutes 28th Jan 2012.doc













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