Adam HarrisonCause of Death Confirmed After He Died at 39

Adam Harrison
Adam Harrison

The cause of Adam Harrison’s untimely death has been officially determined, with Rick Harrison’s representative, Laura Herlovich, revealing that it was a result of a fentanyl overdose.

This revelation brings forth the challenges and complexities associated with substance abuse, a topic that has gained significant attention in recent times.

The Initial Reports and Investigation

TMZ initially broke the news of Adam’s demise on January 19, reporting that the 39-year-old had succumbed to an overdose.

Subsequent inquiries revealed that the Las Vegas Metro Police Department had initiated an investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death, emphasizing the serious implications of the situation.

Rick Harrison’s Response

Expressing the family’s profound grief, Laura Herlovich shared a statement with the Las Vegas Review-Journal on behalf of the Harrisons. The statement requested privacy during this challenging time, underlining the emotional toll Adam’s passing has taken on the family.

A Father’s Heartfelt Tribute

Rick Harrison took to Instagram to pay tribute to his late son, sharing a poignant photo of the father-son duo. His caption, “You will always be in my heart! I love you Adam. ūüíĒ,” echoes the deep emotional impact of losing a loved one to the clutches of addiction.

Rick also reminisced about the cherished memories they shared, emphasizing the human side of this tragic event.


What was the cause of Adam Harrison’s death?

Adam Harrison’s death was confirmed to be a result of a fentanyl overdose.

When did Adam Harrison pass away?

Adam Harrison passed away at the age of 39 on January 19.

Did Adam Harrison appear on Pawn Stars?

No, Adam did not appear on Pawn Stars, but reports suggest he worked at Gold & Silver Pawn before the show’s premiere in 2009.

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