Adam Harrison, Son of Pawn Stars Rick Harrison, Dead of Overdose at 39

Adam Harrison
Adam Harrison

In a tragic turn of events, Adam Harrison, the beloved son of Pawn Stars creator Rick Harrison, has passed away at the age of 39.

In this heartfelt tribute, we explore the details surrounding Adam’s life, the circumstances of his untimely death, and the impact on the Harrison family..

Adam’s Life and Family

Adam Harrison was born to Rick Harrison, the charismatic creator of Pawn Stars, and his ex-wife, Kim. He was the younger brother of Corey Harrison, adding a familial dynamic to the show’s narrative.

Despite not appearing on the unscripted series, Adam played a significant role behind the scenes, having reportedly worked at the renowned Gold & Silver Pawn before the show’s premiere in 2009.

Rick Harrison, who battled the loss of his father, Richard ‘Old Man’ Harrison, in 2018, now faces the tragic death of his son. Adam’s passing adds another layer of sorrow to the Harrison family, who have become a fixture in the hearts of Pawn Stars enthusiasts.

The Circumstances of Adam’s Death

The circumstances surrounding Adam’s passing remain shrouded in mystery. His representative, Laura Herlovich, confirmed the cause of death, an overdose, but the when and where remain unknown. The Las Vegas Metro Police Department has initiated an investigation into the tragedy, aiming to provide clarity and closure to the grieving family.

The Harrison family, devastated by the loss of Adam, released a statement expressing their deep sorrow. Laura Herlovich, on behalf of the family, requested privacy during this challenging time.

The pain of losing a loved one, especially under such circumstances, is undoubtedly a heavy burden for the family to bear.


What was the cause of Adam Harrison’s death?

Adam Harrison died of an overdose, but the specific substance and circumstances surrounding his death remain unknown.

Did Adam Harrison work on “Pawn Stars”? 

While Adam reportedly worked at the Gold & Silver Pawn before the show’s premiere, he did not appear on the series itself.

How has the Harrison family reacted to Adam’s passing?

The family released a statement expressing extreme sadness, and they have requested privacy as they mourn the loss of Adam.

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