Are Brittany & Kenneth Still Together? Inside Their ‘Love Is Blind’ Breakup

Love is Blind Season 6 has served up a rollercoaster of emotions, and one of the most unexpected twists was the end of Brittany and Kenneth’s seemingly solid relationship.

Their connection in the pods and initial chemistry had fans rooting for them. So, what went wrong? Let’s dive into their breakup and explore where they might be today.

From Engagement Bliss to a Sudden Split

Are Brittany & Kenneth Still Together?

Brittany and Kenneth’s bond formed quickly in the pods, their shared values and religious beliefs creating a strong foundation. They got engaged, and their post-reveal interactions seemed positive.

However, cracks began to show after their trip to the Dominican Republic. Moving in together exposed tensions that led to their breakup by the end of episode eight.

Why Did Brittany and Kenneth Break Up?

The pivotal breakup scene sparked conversations around intimacy, communication, and the challenges of translating a pod connection to the real world. Brittany expressed a loss of the “crave” she initially felt for Kenneth, citing a lack of physical intimacy and a disconnect in their affection levels.

Kenneth felt differently, believing desire was present on his end. It was clear their expectations and perceptions were misaligned. Ultimately, they mutually agreed that their connection wasn’t strong enough to sustain a marriage.

Brittany and Kenneth Now: Friends or More?

While there’s no evidence of a romantic rekindling, Brittany and Kenneth appear to have maintained a friendship post-Love Is Blind. They’ve spoken positively about the learning experience, emphasizing mutual respect.

Brittany’s recent social media defense of Kenneth against online hate highlights their continued connection. This suggests that even though romance didn’t last, a level of care and support remains.

Key Takeaways from Their Breakup

Brittany and Kenneth’s journey serves as a reminder of the complexities of love formed under unique circumstances:

  • Physical Intimacy Matters: While emotional bonds are crucial, physical connection is a vital component of most romantic relationships.
  • Communication is Key: Open and honest discussions about needs and expectations are essential to avoid misalignments.
  • “Love is Blind” vs. Reality: The pod experience can create an intense bubble that may not always translate seamlessly to everyday life.


Are there any signs Brittany and Kenneth might get back together?

Currently, there’s no indication of a romantic reunion.

Did online criticism play a role in their breakup?

It’s unlikely, as their split was filmed before the episodes aired.

What was the main reason for their breakup?

A lack of sustained physical intimacy and differing expectations around affection.

Are they still friends?

Yes, they seem to have a positive friendship post-show.

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