who are Reneé Rapp’s Parents, Charles Rapp and Denise Olexa

Reneé Rapp, a rising star in the music industry, owes much of her success to the unwavering support of her parents, Charles Rapp and Denise Olexa. Their influence, guidance, and relentless encouragement have been instrumental in shaping Reneé’s career and personal growth. 

Let’s delve into the lives of these two remarkable individuals and their pivotal role in Reneé’s journey.

introduction of Charles Rapp and Denise Olexa

Charles Rapp and Denise Olexa
Charles Rapp and Denise Olexa

Charles Rapp and Denise Olexa, both alumni of West Virginia University, embarked on their shared journey in North Carolina. Denise, a certified public accountant, and Charles, a medical device sales professional, have been the epitome of a power couple, balancing their careers and parenting with grace and resilience.

Their life took a beautiful turn when they welcomed their children, Reneé and Charles, into their lives. The couple’s nurturing and supportive environment played a significant role in shaping the siblings’ talents. Reneé’s younger brother Charles also showcased his singing prowess on social media platforms.

A Parental Push Towards Excellence

Charles and Denise instilled a strong work ethic in their children from a young age. They encouraged Reneé to strive for excellence, providing constructive feedback to hone her skills. Charles’ critical yet supportive approach pushed Reneé to improve, a trait she appreciates today despite the initial resistance.

However, they also reflect on their parenting approach, acknowledging that their high expectations might have added undue pressure on Reneé. Denise, in particular, understands that Reneé’s inherent perfectionism might have amplified their feedback, leading to self-imposed pressure to excel.

Unwavering Support Through Struggles

Reneé’s parents’ unwavering support became her beacon of hope during her struggle with disordered eating. Recognizing the severity of the situation, Charles and Denise flew to New York every weekend, providing emotional support and arranging medical help. Their commitment to Reneé’s well-being reflects their deep love for their daughter.

Charles and Denise’s acceptance of Reneé’s bisexuality, despite initial misunderstandings, showcases their progressive mindset. Charles’ unconditional love for his daughter is evident in his words, emphasizing his desire for Reneé’s happiness above all else.

The Bond of Music and Love

Reneé’s song “Don’t Tell My Mom,” a love letter to Denise, encapsulates the complex yet beautiful mother-daughter relationship. Despite initial hesitation, Denise supported Reneé’s decision to release the song, demonstrating her unwavering support.

Charles’ unique way of motivating Reneé through sticky notes with life principles further underlines their deep bond. These notes, once a source of annoyance for Reneé, are now cherished reminders of her father’s love and guidance.


Who are Reneé Rapp’s parents?

Charles Rapp and Denise Olexa are the parents of Reneé Rapp.

Where did Charles Rapp and Denise Olexa meet?

They met while studying at West Virginia University.

What professions do Charles Rapp and Denise Olexa have?

Denise is a certified public accountant, and Charles works in medical device sales.

How many children do Charles Rapp and Denise Olexa have?

They have two children, Reneé and Charles.

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