Did Josh Giddey have a sexual relationship with a minor girl?

Josh Giddey 

Josh Giddey, a 21-year-old professional basketball player, has found himself in the midst of a storm. Allegations have surfaced claiming an inappropriate relationship between Giddey and a minor. These rumours started circulating when an anonymous social media account posted pictures of Giddey with a young female, claiming her to be a high school junior.

The pictures, believed to be taken in California, sparked a wave of speculation and led to an official investigation by the Newport Beach Police Department. This investigation is parallel to an ongoing inquiry by the NBA.

The Investigation

The Newport Beach Police Department, in their initial statement, confirmed the active pursuit of leads and evidence related to the allegations against Giddey. 

They have called for anyone with additional information to come forward, ensuring a fair and thorough investigative process while maintaining the privacy and dignity of all involved parties.

OKC Thunder’s Stance

Despite the ongoing investigation, OKC Thunder has allowed Giddey to continue playing based on the information they currently possess. Giddey, who has chosen to remain silent on the matter, continues to start for the Thunder, averaging 12.0 points, 5.8 rebounds, and 4.5 assists for the 11-6 Thunder this season.


Who is Josh Giddey?

Josh Giddey is a 21-year-old professional basketball player for OKC Thunder.

What are the allegations against Josh Giddey?

Giddey is accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a minor.

Who is investigating the allegations against Giddey?

The Newport Beach Police Department and the NBA are investigating the allegations.

Has Giddey commented on the allegations?

As of now, Giddey has declined to comment on the situation.


The Josh Giddey controversy is a complex situation that is still developing. With investigations underway, it is crucial to wait for official statements before drawing conclusions. As fans and spectators, our role is to respect the investigative process and the privacy of all individuals involved.

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