Who is Emma Watson Current Boyfriend in 2024?

Who is Emma Watson Current Boyfriend in 2023?
Who is Emma Watson Current Boyfriend in 2023?

Emma Watson, the brilliant actress renowned for her portrayal of Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series, is much celebrated for her on-screen performances. Yet, there’s a veil of mystery when it comes to her personal life, especially regarding her romantic interests.

Emma Watson’s Boyfriend

NameRelationship StatusDate Range
Jay BarrymoreEx-boyfriend2008-2010
Tom DuckerEx-boyfriend2006
Brandon GreenRumored boyfriend2021-2022
Leo RobintonRumored boyfriend2021
Ryan WalshRumored boyfriend2023

Emma Watson’s Early Crush on Tom Felton

It’s a widely shared tidbit that during her early years on the Harry Potter set, Watson harbored a crush on her co-star, Tom Felton. Though both actors have frequently reminisced about those innocent days, they’ve clarified that their bond evolved into a deep platonic friendship. Interestingly, Watson even described Felton as a sort of “soulmate” in her foreword for his memoir, “Beyond the Wand.”

Emma Watson’s Past Relationships

Relationship with Jay Barrymore (2008-2010)

Emma’s relationship with British financier Jay Barrymore gained significant media attention. They were quite the talk of the town from 2008 to 2010, after which they decided to part ways.

Relationship with Tom Ducker (2006)

Rewinding further, Watson’s first public relationship was with rugby player Tom Ducker. The romance blossomed in 2006 and concluded a year later.

Emma Watson’s Current Relationship

As 2023 unfolds, details about Emma Watson’s current love life remain hazy. Last known, she was seen with businessman Brandon Green in 2022. Whether their association was platonic or romantic remains a topic of speculation.

Speculations and Rumors

The media has never shied away from weaving stories around Watson’s potential romantic ties. Beyond her confirmed relationships, she’s been rumored to be involved with personalities like Chord Overstreet and Leo Robinton, though Watson has never verified these tales.

Brandon Green’s Background

Brandon Green isn’t just any businessman. He hails from an influential British lineage. His father, Sir Philip Green, is a business magnate in the UK’s fashion sector. A graduate from Oxford, Brandon carved a niche for himself as a management consultant.

Engagement Rumors with Leo Robinton (2021)

Gossip columns were rife in May 2021 with news of Watson’s alleged engagement to Leo Robinton. However, Watson’s representatives were quick to dispel these rumors, stating that she wasn’t planning on tying the knot.

Emma Watson’s Boyfriend in 2023

The buzz about Watson’s love life didn’t fade as 2023 rolled in. While her past associations remain a topic of interest, the identity of Emma Watson’s boyfriend in 2023 remains undisclosed. Speculations, of course, continue to abound.


Emma Watson stands as a testament to talent and grace in the entertainment world. While her love life continues to intrigue many, it’s evident that Watson chooses to keep her romantic cards close to her chest.


Did Emma Watson and Tom Felton ever date?

No, they never dated. They share a deep, platonic bond.

Who was Emma Watson’s boyfriend in 2023?

Emma was last seen with businessman Brandon Green in 2023, but their relationship status wasn’t confirmed.

Is Emma Watson currently dating Ryan Walsh?

It’s a rumor. As of 2023, Watson’s relationship status remains undisclosed.

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