Hilary Swank’s kids: All About Hilary Swank’s Twins, Aya and Ohm

In April 2023, Hilary Swank, the renowned actress known for her role in “Million Dollar Baby,” welcomed twins with her husband, Philip Schneider. The arrival of their daughter Aya and son Ohm brought immense joy and pride to the couple. 

It wasn’t until Valentine’s Day 2024 that she revealed their names for the first time, during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. She expressed her overwhelming happiness as a mother of 10-month-old twins, emphasizing the extraordinary nature of the experience.

Hilary Swank’s Journey to Motherhood

Hilary Swank's kids
Hilary Swank’s kids

Pregnancy Announcement and Reactions

Hilary Swank first announced her pregnancy on Good Morning America in October 2023 while promoting her show, Alaska Daily. 

Her excitement and anticipation were palpable as she shared the news of expecting not just one, but two children. The revelation was met with widespread support and well-wishes from her fans and colleagues.

Keeping the Pregnancy Secret

Swank, known for her dedication to her craft, went to great lengths to keep her pregnancy under wraps during the initial stages. She recounted humorous instances of creatively concealing her growing bump and navigating the challenges of maintaining continuity while filming. Her commitment to secrecy showcased her determination to share the news on her terms.

Embracing Pregnancy Challenges

As she progressed into her third trimester, Swank developed a newfound appreciation for the resilience and strength of women’s bodies during pregnancy. 

She openly expressed her admiration for the capabilities of women, emphasizing the physical and emotional journey she embarked on. Her candid reflections resonated with many women who could relate to the transformative experience of pregnancy.

Welcoming Aya and Ohm

The twins, Aya and Ohm, were born in April 2023, marking a poignant moment for Swank and Schneider. Their joyous announcement on Easter Sunday, accompanied by a heartwarming Instagram post, captured the essence of their profound happiness and gratitude. 

The outpouring of love and support from their friends and well-wishers further underscored the significance of this momentous occasion.

Unveiling Their Names

On Valentine’s Day 2024, Swank shared a delightful Instagram photo of her children, Aya and Ohm, marking the first public revelation of their names.

 The heartfelt gesture resonated with her followers, offering a glimpse into the cherished moments of motherhood and the joy of watching her children grow.

Milestones and Endearing Moments

During her appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Swank shared endearing anecdotes about her twins, providing insights into their early developments and unique personalities. 

Her heartfelt descriptions of Aya’s playful interactions and Ohm’s inquisitive nature painted a vivid picture of their budding personalities. The portrayal of their love for music and exploration highlighted the joyous and heartwarming aspects of parenting twins.


When were Hilary Swank’s twins born?

Aya and Ohm were born in April 2023.

When did Hilary Swank reveal her twins’ names?

Hilary Swank revealed her children’s names, Aya and Ohm, on Valentine’s Day 2024 through a heartwarming Instagram post.

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