How Old is RonReaco Lee? Unraveling His Age, Wife, and Net Worth

RonReaco Lee is a name synonymous with captivating performances. From his early TV roles to his latest thriller, Mea Culpa, he consistently delivers unforgettable characters.

But what about the man behind those roles? Let’s dive into his age, his inspiring marriage, and the wealth he’s earned through his remarkable career.

RonReaco Lee’s Age:

 RonReaco Lee

Born on August 27, 1976, in Decatur, Illinois, RonReaco Lee is currently 47 years old. His passion for acting ignited at just 6 years old after a life-changing trip to the movies.

This early spark led him to land his first role at age 12 in the film Unconquered, launching an incredible career.

Married Life with Sheana Freeman

While RonReaco likes to keep his private life out of the glare of the spotlight, we know he’s been happily married to the brilliant Sheana Freeman since June 13, 2010. Their Chicago wedding was a joyous occasion for close family and friends.

Sheana herself is a force, an accomplished entrepreneur and fashion designer behind the “The Goldbar” jewelry line. While details about her business are limited, her talent and drive are undeniable.

The couple are devoted parents to two sons, Bryson and Jaxon. They fiercely protect their children’s privacy, so birthdates remain a sweet secret. One thing is for sure – based on their social media posts, this is a family built on love and enduring support.

RonReaco Lee’s Net Worth:

RonReaco Lee’s decades of work in television and film have paid off handsomely! His estimated net worth is a cool $3 million.

This financial success is a direct result of his exceptional talent and ability to bring complex characters to life on the screen.


Does RonReaco Lee have children?

Yes, he and his wife Sheana have two sons, Bryson and Jaxon.

What are some of RonReaco Lee’s most famous roles?

Fans love him in Glory, Sister, Sister, Survivor’s Remorse, and many more!

Is RonReaco Lee active on social media?

Yes, you can find him on platforms like Instagram and Twitter for occasional updates.

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