Is Don Martindale related to Wink Martindale?

Football enthusiasts and entertainment aficionados are familiar with the names Don Martindale and Wink Martindale. While one has carved a career in football coaching, the other is a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

The shared last name has sparked curiosity about their familial connection. Are Don Martindale and Wink Martindale related? Let’s delve into the details to find out.

Are Don Martindale and Wink Martindale Related?

Don Martindale and Wink Martindale
Don Martindale and Wink Martindale

Don Martindale, known as ‘Wink,’ is not related to Wink Martindale by blood. Despite sharing the same last name, they do not belong to the same family tree. The moniker ‘Wink’ was bestowed upon Don by his college teammate, who noticed a striking resemblance between him and the renowned TV gameshow host and DJ.

However, there exists a distant relationship between Don and Wink through their wives. Laura, Don Martindale’s wife, is the second cousin of Sandy, Wink Martindale’s wife. Consequently, they have crossed paths on numerous family occasions and events.

Wink Martindale’s Illustrious Career in Entertainment

With a career spanning over six decades in the entertainment industry, Wink Martindale has hosted several popular television shows, including Gambit (1972-76), Tic-Tac-Dough (1978-85), High Rollers (1987-88), and Debt (1996-98).

His contributions were recognized with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2006, and he was among the inaugural inductees into Las Vegas’ American TV Game Show Hall of Fame a year later.

Don Martindale’s Journey in Coaching

Don Martindale embarked on his coaching career with Defiance College in 1986, serving as their defensive coordinator for two seasons. Subsequently, he assumed the role of defensive assistant for Notre Dame from 1994 to 1995.

His coaching tenure included three seasons with Cincinnati, where he specialized in special teams and linebackers. Later, he joined the coaching staff at Western Kentucky under Jack Harbaugh, the father of Jim Harbaugh.

In conclusion, despite sharing the same last name, Don Martindale and Wink Martindale are not directly related by blood. Their connection lies in their wives’ familial ties.

While Wink Martindale has left an indelible mark in the entertainment industry, Don Martindale has carved a successful career in football coaching, transitioning from college to the NFL.

Their distinct professional paths have garnered them individual acclaim and recognition in their respective fields.


Why do they call Don Martindale Wink

Don Martindale received his nickname “Wink” during his freshman year when one of his teammates likened his appearance to the well-known TV game show host, Wink Martindale.

Was Elvis friends with Wink Martindale?

Yes, Elvis Presley and Wink Martindale were friends. Wink Martindale was known to have a close friendship with Elvis Presley.

How many game shows has Wink Martindale hosted?

Wink Martindale ranks third behind Bill Cullen and Tom Kennedy in the number of game shows hosted, with a total of 15 shows. This places him ahead of Geoff Edwards, Bob Eubanks, and Alex Trebek, breaking that record.

How old is Wink Martindale?

Wink Martindale is 90 years old.

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