Is Sydney Sweeney Married? Who is Sydney Sweeney Engaged To?

Sydney Sweeney, the talented star of “Euphoria” and “The White Lotus,” has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. But with her rising fame comes curiosity about her personal life, particularly her relationship status.

Is Sydney Sweeney married? Who is she engaged to? Let’s dive in and uncover the answers.

Who is Sydney Sweeney Engaged To?

sydney sweeney fiance Jonathan Davino
sydney sweeney fiance Jonathan Davino

Sydney Sweeney is happily engaged to Jonathan Davino, a Chicago-based businessman. The couple began dating in 2018 and announced their engagement in 2022.

While Sweeney prefers to keep her relationship private, she has expressed her deep appreciation and love for her fiancé.

How Did Sydney Sweeney and Jonathan Davino Meet?

While the exact details of how they met remain under wraps, the couple has successfully kept their relationship out of the spotlight for several years. Their dedication to privacy demonstrates a strong and healthy foundation for their bond.

Interestingly, Sweeney and Davino’s connection extends beyond their personal lives. They’ve collaborated professionally on Sweeney’s production company, Fifty-Fifty Films, where Davino played a significant role in the successful romantic comedy “Anyone But You.”

The Engagement Ring

When Sweeney was spotted with a sparkling ring on her left finger in 2022, engagement rumors swirled. People magazine later confirmed the happy news, setting the stage for what promises to be a beautiful celebration of their love.

Sweeney has been candid about her desire to maintain a degree of privacy in her relationship. In an interview with Glamour UK, she explained, “I think it’s important to have something for me.” This approach allows her to protect their special bond from the pressures of public scrutiny.

Unfortunately, Sweeney has faced incorrect reports about her fiancé’s background. She clarified that he is not involved in the restaurant industry or tied to a pizza empire, emphasizing her commitment to accurate information.

Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney: Just Good Chemistry

The undeniable on-screen chemistry between Sweeney and her “Anyone But You” co-star, Glen Powell, fueled speculation of a romantic connection.

However, Sweeney playfully dismissed these rumors, highlighting their professional respect and their focus on delivering a fantastic rom-com experience.


Is Sydney Sweeney married?

No, Sydney Sweeney is not married but is engaged to Jonathan Davino.

How long have Sydney Sweeney and Jonathan Davino been together?

They have been dating since 2018 and got engaged in 2022.

What does Jonathan Davino do?

Jonathan Davino is a businessman from Chicago.

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