Who is Jennifer Aniston’s Boyfriend? Who was She Dating Now?

Jennifer Aniston Boyfriend
Jennifer Aniston Boyfriend

Jennifer Aniston, a Hollywood gem, has often had her love life under the media spotlight. 2023 has seen her in the midst of rumors, particularly surrounding a potential connection with Jon Hamm. However, the buzz is just that – rumors. As of now, Jennifer remains unattached.

Jennifer’s relationship timeline is quite rich. One notable relationship was with Justin Theroux. Their paths first crossed in 2007, thanks to a mutual friend, Ben Stiller. Their romance blossomed after they worked together. But come May 2023, Justin expressed a preference for a more private romantic life.

Summary of Jennifer Aniston Boyfriend 2023

YearSignificant Event
2000Married Brad Pitt
2005Divorced Brad Pitt
2007Met Justin Theroux
2015Married Justin Theroux
2018Divorced Justin Theroux
2023Currently Single

Jennifer Aniston’s Relationship History

Post her Brad Pitt chapter, Jennifer moved on to date Vince Vaughn and John Mayer. These relationships, although temporary, were significant phases post her much-publicized divorce with Pitt.

Jennifer Aniston’s Current Relationship Status

By 2023, Jennifer, at 54, is enjoying her single status. Despite her two marriages in the past, one with Brad Pitt and the other with Justin Theroux, Jennifer has remained optimistic about love.

Jennifer Aniston’s Outlook on Love

Jennifer’s stance on love is hopeful. Reports suggest she’s keen on finding the right partner, a sentiment many can relate to. Her past experiences haven’t dampened her spirits, nor her belief in love.

Unexpected Twists in Celebrity Dating

2023 has been unpredictable in terms of celebrity romances. From couples rekindling their love to surprising new pairs, the year has seen it all.

Support from Barbra Streisand

In her quest for love, Jennifer has a supportive ally: Barbra Streisand. The iconic singer is rumored to be playing matchmaker for Jennifer, a testament to their close bond.

Jennifer Aniston’s Recent Statements

Jennifer’s recent conversations reveal a hopeful heart. She’s expressed determination in finding true love, emphasizing the need for genuineness over fame in a potential partner.


Jennifer Aniston, with her undying charm and talent, remains one of Hollywood’s most admired figures. Her love life has seen its shares of ups and downs, but as 2023 unfolds, fans and well-wishers remain hopeful for her next romantic chapter.


Is Jennifer Aniston dating Jon Hamm in 2023?

No, they’re just rumors. Jennifer is currently single.

Who introduced Jennifer to Justin Theroux?

Ben Stiller, a mutual friend, introduced them in 2007.

How many times has Jennifer Aniston been married?

She has been married twice: to Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux.

Is Jennifer open to dating in 2023?

Yes, she remains optimistic and open to finding love again.

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