Forest Whitaker’s Ex-Wife, Actress Keisha Nash, Dead at 51: A Look Back at Her Life and Career

It is with a heavy heart that we share the news of Keisha Nash Whitaker’s untimely passing at the age of 51. Known not only for her marriage to acclaimed actor Forest Whitaker but also for her own contributions to the world of acting and entrepreneurship, Keisha’s legacy is one of passion, creativity, and family devotion.

The Journey of Keisha Nash: From Actress to Entrepreneur

Keisha Nash’s story began in the spotlight, her talent undeniable as she graced the screen alongside Forest Whitaker in the 1994 film “Blown Away.” It was a professional encounter that blossomed into a personal connection, leading to their marriage two years later in the picturesque Montego Bay, Jamaica.

A Family Bonded by Love and Creativity

Together, Keisha and Forest welcomed two daughters, True and Sonnet, into their lives, blending their family with Forest’s son Ocean and Keisha’s daughter Autumn from previous relationships. Their home was a tapestry woven with the threads of their diverse experiences and the warmth of shared love.

Keisha’s Artistic Legacy: More Than Just a Screen Presence

Beyond her role as a supportive partner and loving mother, Keisha Nash Whitaker was a force in her own right. Her entrepreneurial spirit shone brightly as she launched Kissable Couture, a luxury cosmetics line that reflected her ambition and dedication to beauty and empowerment.

A Life Celebrated and Mourned

As we pay tribute to Keisha, we remember her not just as the “most beautiful woman in the world,” as her daughter True poignantly described, but as a woman who balanced the demands of motherhood with the pursuit of her dreams.


Who was Keisha Nash Whitaker?

Keisha was an actress and entrepreneur, known for her marriage to Forest Whitaker and her cosmetics line.

How did Keisha Nash Whitaker pass away?

The cause of Keisha Nash Whitaker’s death has not been publicly disclosed.

Did Keisha Nash have children?

Yes, Keisha and Forest shared two daughters, and each had a child from previous relationships.

What was Keisha Nash Whitaker’s entrepreneurial venture?

Keisha created Kissable Couture, a luxury cosmetics brand.

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