Paris Ow-Yang: Only Fans star Paris Ow-Yang charged with drink driving

In a shocking turn of events, popular Only Fans star and model, Paris Ow-Yang, has found herself in legal trouble after being charged with high-range drink driving. The 18-year-old allegedly crashed her Mercedes into a van on Wolseley Road, one of Sydney’s most affluent streets.

This incident has raised concerns about the dangers of drink driving and the consequences it can have, even for public figures. here, we will delve into the details of the incident, explore Ms. Ow-Yang’s background, and discuss the potential legal ramifications she may face.

The Incident

On Wednesday, October 18, at approximately 9 pm, a collision occurred on Wolseley Road in Point Piper, Sydney. The police were alerted to the crash and arrived at the scene promptly. The driver of the Mercedes, identified as Paris Ow-Yang, underwent a roadside breath test, which allegedly returned a positive result for alcohol consumption.

It is reported that Ms. Ow-Yang was four times over the legal blood alcohol limit at the time of the incident. The airbags in her vehicle had deployed following the collision, indicating the severity of the crash.

The Impact and Investigation

The incident involving Paris Ow-Yang has attracted considerable attention, with many residents of Wolseley Road coming out to investigate the commotion after hearing a loud noise. The crash has raised concerns about the safety of the community and the potential consequences of drink driving. The police have charged Ms. Ow-Yang with high-range drink driving, a serious offense that carries severe penalties.

Legal Consequences

Paris Ow-Yang is scheduled to appear in the Downing Centre Local Court on November 10 to face the charges against her. If convicted of high-range drink driving, she could face a jail sentence of up to 18 months. This serves as a stark reminder of the importance of responsible alcohol consumption and the potential consequences of driving under the influence.

Background of Paris Ow-Yang

Paris Ow-Yang, a content creator and model, gained significant popularity through her presence on social media platforms, particularly Instagram and Only Fans. At just 18 years old, she has amassed an impressive following of 120,000 on Instagram and boasts 50,000 paid subscribers on Only Fans.

Ms. Ow-Yang attended The Frensham School, a prestigious private girls’ boarding school, where she received her education.

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