Who did Lenny Kravitz have a child with?

Lenny Kravitz, the renowned rocker, and his ex-wife Lisa Bonet have always prioritized their family. The former couple, who were married from 1987 to 1993, welcomed their daughter Zoë in 1988.

In a recent PEOPLE cover story, Kravitz shares insights into their journey of raising their daughter together with love and harmony.

A Family United

Kravitz expresses his pride in how they raised Zoë, emphasizing that they did so without the involvement of lawyers and legal complexities. Their approach was rooted in love and familial unity, a sentiment that Kravitz holds dear.

Parenting Journey

Zoë’s living arrangements naturally evolved over the years. She spent her early years living with her mother and later moved in with Kravitz at the age of 11, until she went off to college.

Kravitz fondly recalls taking Zoë as his date to the Grammy Awards in 2000, cherishing the special father-daughter bond they shared during the event.

Co-Parenting and Understanding

Kravitz emphasizes the importance of understanding and handling their own affairs without involving others. He references his debut album, “Let Love Rule,” which was inspired by Bonet, highlighting the significance of removing ego and external influences in co-parenting.

Kravitz acknowledges that finding a balance in co-parenting took time but was a priority for both of them. Their commitment to maintaining this balance remains steadfast to this day.

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