Who is Roman Abramovich’s daughter Anna Abramovich? is she engaged? 

Anna Abramovich, the daughter of Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, has recently garnered attention due to her appearance with a stunning diamond ring on her engagement finger during a visit to Harrods in London.

This has sparked curiosity about her life and past. Here’s a closer look at Anna Abramovich and her intriguing journey.

Who Are Anna Abramovich’s Parents?

Anna Abramovich, aged 32, is the daughter of Roman Abramovich, the former governor of Chukotka and the previous owner of the Chelsea football team, and his second wife, Irina Abramovich. Roman and Irina were married from 1991 to 2007 and share five children, including Anna.

Her Lavish Upbringing

Anna Abramovich
Anna Abramovich

During her teenage years in London, Anna lived a lavish and extravagant lifestyle, often making headlines for her opulent way of life. Reports from British media described how she would commute to school in London via helicopter or chauffeured limousine.

Notably, for her 16th birthday, she hosted a grand party at a nightclub in London’s West End for 500 schoolmates, spending an amount equivalent to a “decent-sized house” and donning an orange Dior couture dress for the occasion.

Following her earlier years, Anna pursued a philosophy degree at Columbia University in New York, as reported by British media.

Insight into Her Love Life

Anna’s romantic life has also been a subject of interest. At the age of 18, she was reportedly engaged to Moscow-born lawyer Nikolai Lazarev when he was 17. Subsequently, she was linked to the well-known British personality Calum Best, who is notably 12 years her senior. These relationships drew attention and piqued public interest.

In conclusion, Anna Abramovich’s recent appearance with an engagement ring has reignited interest in her life, from her affluent upbringing to her academic pursuits and romantic entanglements. Her story continues to fascinate and captivate those who seek to understand the life of a figure often shrouded in curiosity.


Who are Anna Abramovich’s parents?

Anna is the daughter of Roman Abramovich and his second wife, Irina Abramovich.

What was Anna’s academic pursuit?

Anna pursued a philosophy degree at Columbia University in New York.

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