Who Is Brett Favre’s Wife? All About Deanna Favre

Brett Favre’s legendary football career often overshadows a remarkable partnership – his marriage to Deanna Favre. This isn’t just a story of a football player’s wife; it’s about a woman whose strength, resilience, and unwavering support shaped both her own life and that of her famous husband.

Let’s delve into who Deanna Favre is and the unbreakable bond she shares with Brett.

From High School Sweethearts to a Lifetime Together

Brett Favre's Wife Deanna Favre
Brett Favre’s Wife Deanna Favre

Brett and Deanna’s love story began way before the NFL touchdowns. The two grew up in Kiln, Mississippi, and met as teenagers. There was an instant spark, and they formed a connection that would endure the ups and downs of fame and family life.

Deanna’s athleticism mirrored Brett’s – she was a star basketball player in high school, even earning a scholarship. Their early dates weren’t just about romance; they involved playing sports together, forging a shared competitive spirit that would become a cornerstone of their relationship.

Becoming a Mother and Supporting Brett’s NFL Dreams

Life took an unexpected turn when Deanna became pregnant at 19. This wasn’t a setback but a defining moment that brought them even closer. Their daughter, Brittany, was born in 1989.

While Brett’s NFL career took off in 1991, Deanna stayed in Mississippi with Brittany. The distance was challenging, but their commitment to their young family kept them strong. In 1995, Deanna moved to Green Bay to be with Brett, a turning point in both their lives. They married in 1996, a testament to their love’s endurance.

Overcoming Adversity: Deanna’s Battle with Breast Cancer

In 2004, a devastating diagnosis rocked their world: Deanna was diagnosed with breast cancer at just 35. Her battle wasn’t just against the disease but also the emotional and physical toll it took. Brett, ever her rock, famously shaved his head in solidarity.

Brett Favre's Wife Deanna Favre
Brett Favre’s Wife Deanna Favre

Deanna fought back with remarkable strength. Her recovery wasn’t just about her own health but a catalyst for inspiring others. She founded the Deanna Favre Hope Foundation, tirelessly working to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer support. She’s an inspiring example of turning a personal struggle into a source of strength for others.

More Than a Football Wife: Deanna Favre’s Legacy

Deanna’s identity transcends her role as Brett Favre’s wife.

Here’s what sets her apart:

  • Family First: She’s a devoted mother to daughters Brittany and Breleigh, and a doting grandmother to Brittany’s three sons.
  • Author & Advocate: Her book, “Don’t Bet Against Me,” is a candid memoir offering inspiration and support.
  • Philanthropic Heart: The Deanna Favre Hope Foundation has been a lifeline for countless women battling breast cancer.

Brett and Deanna: A Partnership Built on Love and Resilience

During his Hall of Fame induction, Brett praised Deanna as his strongest teammate. Their relationship has endured the pressures of fame, personal struggles, and life’s unexpected twists. They are a testament to the power of a supportive partnership.


How long have Brett and Deanna Favre been married?

They were married in 1996.

Does Deanna Favre have children?

Yes, she and Brett have two daughters, Brittany and Breleigh.

Does Deanna Favre have a foundation?

Yes, Deanna founded the Deanna Favre Hope Foundation dedicated to breast cancer support and awareness.

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