Who Is Karol G’s Boyfriend? All About Feid

Colombian reggaeton superstar Karol G has a boyfriend who’s just as talented and passionate about music as she is – the singer, songwriter, and all-around creative force Feid. Their love story is a mix of shared Medellín roots, a deep musical connection, and undeniable chemistry.

Let’s dive into who Feid is, how his career blossomed, and how he captured Karol G’s heart.

From Medellín to the World: Feid’s Roots

Karol G's Boyfriend
Karol G’s Boyfriend

Karol G and Feid’s story starts in the vibrant city of Medellín, Colombia. It’s a place that shaped their musical styles and instilled a fierce pride in their culture. Feid, born Salomón Villada Hoyos, found his passion for music early on.

Growing up in Medellín fueled his creativity – you can hear the pulse of the city in his music, his fashion sense, even the way he carries himself.

Even though they’re from the same hometown, Karol G and Feid’s paths didn’t fully cross until later in their careers. But that shared background laid the foundation for the special bond they have today.

Feid’s Journey from Songwriter to Star

Before he was headlining his own tours, Feid was a force behind the scenes of the reggaeton world. He wrote songs for himself but found his breakthrough penning hits for other artists. His song “Ginza” for J Balvin was a massive success, shining a spotlight on his talent. Collaborations with Nicky Jam and even Christina Aguilera followed!

But songwriting was never the end goal. “I wasn’t just some writer who became an artist,” Feid explained in an interview. “I’ve always been an artist, but songwriting was how I got in the door.” This drive pushed him to release his own music, building a dedicated fanbase and establishing himself as a major reggaeton artist in his own right.

Tour Sparks and a Blossoming Romance

The real turning point in Feid and Karol G’s relationship was when he opened for her epic Bichota Tour in 2021. That tour was a celebration of Karol’s success, and having Feid there made it even more special for her. They had history in Medellín, but this tour is where the sparks truly started to fly.

By 2023, the rumors were impossible to ignore. They were spotted together, supporting each other’s shows, and Karol even hinted at their relationship on stage. That August, a Rolling Stone profile confirmed it – Karol G and Feid were officially a couple!

Ferxxo: Feid’s Edgier Alter Ego

One of the coolest things about Feid is his alter ego, Ferxxo. It’s a side of him that’s extra raw, channeling the street energy of Medellín in its purest form.

Having Ferxxo lets Feid explore different aspects of his music – some songs are pure Feid, others are full-on Ferxxo vibes. He’s got range!

Music, Love, and Representing Colombia

At the heart of Karol G and Feid’s connection is their shared passion for reggaeton. This is a genre born from the streets, and to perform it right, you need to be authentic.

They both get that, and their pride in representing Colombia and Latinx culture shines through in everything they do. It’s no wonder fans adore them as a couple!


How long have Karol G and Feid been together?

While they haven’t announced an official start date, their relationship was confirmed in August 2023.

Have they released any songs together besides “FRIKI”?

They have an unreleased track called “Verano Rosa” that Feid might feature on.

Does Feid have any other stage names?

Yes! His alter ego, Ferxxo, has a distinct Medellín street vibe.

Where can I listen to Feid’s music?

All the major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube have his songs.

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