Who Is Billy Crystal’s Wife? All About Janice Crystal

Billy Crystal, a name synonymous with Hollywood comedy, has been the face of laughter for millions around the globe. However, the actor’s off-screen life, especially his relationship with his wife, Janice Crystal, is equally captivating and heartwarming. 

 Billy and Janice Crystal’s early life and relationship 

Billy and Janice Crystal's
Billy and Janice Crystal’s

In the summer of 1966, two teenagers, Billy and Janice, crossed paths in Long Beach, New York. Fresh from his graduation from Long Beach High School, Billy was working at a summer camp. It was here that he first laid eyes on Janice. Struck by her charm, Billy was convinced he would marry her someday, a prophecy that came true four years later.

Billy’s love for Janice was so profound that it influenced his decision to stay in New York. He transferred from Marshall University in West Virginia to Nassau Community College on Long Island. Later, he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film from NYU. Billy’s journey in the film industry had begun, but so had his journey with Janice.

A Union That Stood the Test of Time

On June 4, 1970, Billy and Janice tied the knot. They have been inseparable since, celebrating their 53rd anniversary in 2023. As Billy often shares, the secret to their long and happy marriage is laughter, mutual discovery, and an insatiable curiosity about each other. Their relationship is a testament to their commitment, understanding, and, most importantly, their love.

The Crystals Family

Billy and Janice welcomed their first daughter, Jennifer Crystal Foley, in 1973, followed by their second daughter, Lindsay Crystal, in 1977. The couple’s approach to parenting, marked by patience, laughter, and a healthy balance of authority, has played a significant role in shaping their family dynamics.

The Crystals’ joy was multiplied when they became grandparents. Their four grandchildren, born to their daughters, have brought happiness and fulfillment to their lives. Billy’s relationship with his grandchildren is marked by humor, warmth, and deep pride.

Janice has been a constant source of support for Billy throughout his career. When Billy struggled as a substitute teacher waiting for his big break, Janice encouraged him to pursue his dream of becoming a comedian. Her trust and selflessness have been instrumental in shaping Billy’s successful career.


When did Billy and Janice Crystal get married?

Billy and Janice Crystal got married on June 4, 1970.

How many children do Billy and Janice Crystal have?

They have two daughters, Jennifer Crystal Foley and Lindsay Crystal.

How did Billy and Janice Crystal meet?

They met at a summer camp in Long Beach, New York 1966.

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