Who is Bill Bailey’s Wife? All About Kristin Bailey

Curious about the woman behind the famous comedian Bill Bailey? Let’s delve into the life and story of Kristin Bailey, the woman who caught Bill’s heart.

From their serendipitous meeting in 1987 to raising a family together, this article explores the intimate details of their journey.

Bill Bailey’s Love Story with Kristin

Bill Bailey Wife
Bill Bailey Wife

Bill Bailey’s love story with Kristin began in 1987 when they crossed paths at one of Bill’s gigs. At the time, Kristin was running a bar in Edinburgh, exuding a “wild spirit” that immediately captivated Bill.

Despite Bill going on tour shortly after their meeting, he maintained their connection by writing Kristin letters every day for an entire year. Their romance officially blossomed in 1988.

The Spontaneous Wedding

In 1998, Bill and Kristin spontaneously decided to tie the knot while traveling around Asia. The picturesque setting in Banda, featuring a beautiful lagoon, a smoking volcano, and historic remnants, served as the backdrop for their impromptu wedding.

Bill fondly recalls the moment, painting a vivid picture of their unique and unforgettable celebration.

Kristin Bailey, initially a costume designer, transitioned into managing Bill’s business affairs. This shift in roles demonstrates Kristin’s adaptability and commitment to supporting Bill’s career.

Their partnership extends beyond the personal realm into the professional, showcasing a dynamic and collaborative bond.

The Bailey Family

Bill and Kristin’s family expanded with the arrival of their son, Dax, in 2003. Dax, a charming 14-year-old, made a memorable appearance on Strictly to cheer on his dad with a humorous message.

The teen’s name, often linked with Star Trek, has a unique origin tied to Indonesia, reflecting the couple’s rich travel experiences.


When did Bill and Kristin get married?

Bill and Kristin tied the knot in 1998 during their travels in Asia, in the scenic surroundings of Banda.

How did Dax get his name?

Dax, Bill and Kristin’s son, was named after a child they met during their travels in Indonesia, dispelling the misconception of a Star Trek connection.

How did Bill and Kristin meet?

Bill and Kristin first crossed paths at one of Bill’s gigs in 1987 when Kristin was running a bar in Edinburgh.

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