Who Is Nate Bargatze’s Wife? All About Laura Bargatze

Comedian Nate Bargatze’s success story is incomplete without the mention of his wife, Laura Bargatze. Their journey from humble beginnings to the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry is a testament to their enduring love and support for each other.

In this article, we delve into the life of Laura Bargatze and her relationship with the renowned comedian.

She and Nate Met While Working at Applebee’s

Nate Bargatze’s Wife Laura Bargatze
Nate Bargatze’s Wife Laura Bargatze

Nate Bargatze and Laura Bargatze’s love story began in their early 20s at an Applebee’s restaurant in Tennessee. Despite Nate’s eventual success as a comedian, their relationship started with both of them working at the restaurant.

Laura was impressed by Nate’s confidence and unique charm, which eventually led to a blossoming romance.

Ambitions Even as Nate transitioned from working at Applebee’s to a more stable career, Laura stood by him as he pursued his passion for comedy. Despite the uncertainties that come with a career in entertainment, Laura’s unwavering support played a crucial role in Nate’s success.

Her belief in his talent and dedication to their relationship has been a driving force in Nate’s career.

She and Nate Have Been Married Since 2006

Nate proposed to Laura in a romantic gesture during his time in New York City, and they tied the knot in 2006. Their wedding day falling on Friday the 13th became a lighthearted anecdote in Nate’s stand-up material, showcasing their shared sense of humor and love for each other. Their enduring marriage is a testament to their commitment and love.

The couple welcomed their daughter, Harper Blair Bargatze, in 2012. Nate’s endearing references to Harper in his stand-up routines highlight the joy and humor that she brings to their lives. Their shared experiences as parents have further strengthened their bond as a family.

She Is a Producer on Nate’s Podcast

, The Nateland Podcast Laura’s professional journey has seen her transition from a marketing coordinator to becoming an executive producer on Nate’s podcast, The Nateland Podcast.

Her independent spirit and collaborative efforts with Nate reflect their shared professional endeavors and mutual support for each other’s careers.

Nate and Laura’s presence at the 2022 Grammy Awards was a testament to their shared experiences in the entertainment industry. Their support for each other’s achievements and milestones further solidifies their status as a power couple in the world of comedy and entertainment.

She and Nate Live in Tennessee

Despite their travels and experiences across the United States, Nate and Laura have found their home in Tennessee.

Their decision to settle in Tennessee reflects their deep-rooted connections to the South and their desire to build a stable and nurturing environment for their family.

Frequently Asked Questions

When did Nate and Laura Bargatze get married?

Nate proposed to Laura in 2005, and they tied the knot on October 13, 2006.

How did Nate Bargatze pursue his comedy career?

Nate pursued stand-up comedy after leaving a meter reader job, attending comedy college in Chicago, and eventually moving to Los Angeles.

What is Laura Bargatze’s role in Nate’s career?

Laura is an executive producer on Nate’s podcast, The Nateland Podcast, and serves as a talent manager at Bargatze Enterprises.

Where do Nate and Laura Bargatze currently live?

The couple currently resides about 25 minutes south of Nashville, Tennessee.

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