Who is Daniel Dae Kim’s Wife? All About Mia Kim

Daniel Dae Kim is a household name for fans of Lost, Hawaii Five-0, and many other popular shows. But while many know him, fewer are familiar with his wife, Mia Kim.

Let’s change that! Here’s a deep dive into her life, career, and the love story behind this long-standing Hollywood marriage.

Who is Mia Kim:

Daniel Dae Kim Wife
Daniel Dae Kim Wife

Mia Kim (born Mia Haeyoung Rhee) was born on March 15, 1965, in Easton, Connecticut. Her father, Dr. Chong Heon Rhee, was a well-respected pulmonary specialist. Sadly, her mother, Youngsil Rhee, passed away years ago.

Mia’s education was top-notch. She attended the prestigious Smith College in Massachusetts, setting the stage for her successful career.

Mia Kim’s Professional Journey

Mia is a talented graphic designer. Early in her career, she honed her skills at Springer-Verlag New York Inc., a renowned publisher of scientific and medical books. Now, she holds a respected position as general manager at the luxury fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo.

A Love Story for the Ages: Mia and Daniel

Mia and Daniel Dae Kim met and fell in love long before Daniel was a television icon. They said their “I do’s” on June 12, 1993, in a beautiful ceremony at the First Presbyterian Church in Fairfield, Connecticut.

Their marriage has stood the test of time, a true testament to their love in the fast-paced world of Hollywood.

The Kim Family

Mia and Daniel have two wonderful sons:

  • Zander Kim: Their eldest, born in 1996, followed his love of books into a career as an editorial assistant at Black Dog & Leventhal.
  • Jackson Kim: Born in 2002, Jackson graduated from NYU’s Stern School of Business, indicating a bright future ahead.

While being Mrs. Daniel Dae Kim puts Mia in the spotlight, there’s so much more to her than her famous marriage. She’s a driven career woman, a devoted mother, and clearly has a strong, independent spirit.

Mia and Daniel’s Philanthropy

Mia and Daniel are not only a successful entertainment power couple but also make an effort to give back to the community.

They use their platform to advocate for causes they believe in, including fighting against Asian American discrimination.


How old is Mia Kim?

Mia Kim was born in 1965, making her 58 years old as of 2024.

Where did Mia Kim go to college?

Mia attended the esteemed Smith College in Massachusetts.

What does Mia Kim do for a living?

Mia is a skilled graphic designer and holds a management position at Salvatore Ferragamo.

How long have Mia and Daniel Dae Kim been married?

Mia and Daniel have been married since 1993, an impressive run in Hollywood!

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