Who is Finn Wolfhard’s Brother? All About Nick Wolfhard

Nick Wolfhard, the older brother of the renowned Netflix star Finn Wolfhard, has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry as a talented voice actor.

Finn Wolfhard, widely recognized for his role in the hit series Stranger Things, is not the only member of his family to leave a mark in the entertainment world. His older brother, Nick Wolfhard, has carved his own path as a voice actor, captivating audiences with his remarkable talent.

Let’s explore the fascinating journey of Nick Wolfhard and his profound bond with his younger brother, Finn.

Early Life and Family

Finn Wolfhard’s Brother Nick Wolfhard
Finn Wolfhard’s Brother Nick Wolfhard

Finn and Nick Wolfhard were born to Eric Wolfhard and Mary Jolivet in Vancouver, Canada. Despite the five-year age gap between them, the brothers share a deep-rooted passion for the entertainment industry.

Their upbringing in Vancouver, under the guidance of their father, Eric, who is a licensed lawyer and an aboriginal land claims researcher, laid the foundation for their future success.

Finn attributes his accomplishments in the entertainment realm to the unwavering support and guidance of his family. In an Interview Magazine profile with Ryan Reynolds, Finn expressed gratitude for his family’s influence, emphasizing the discipline instilled in him from a young age.

Nick’s Journey as a Voice Actor

In contrast to Finn’s on-screen presence, Nick Wolfhard has garnered recognition for his exceptional voice acting abilities. His foray into voice acting commenced with Cartoon Network’s animated film, Underwraps, when he was just 16 years old. Nick’s profound fascination with animation led him to pursue a career in voice acting, a realm where he could bring characters to life in ways impossible in live-action projects.

Nick’s pivotal role as Jack Sullivan in Netflix’s adaptation of Max Brailler’s series, The Last Kids on Earth, marked a significant milestone in his career. Recounting the audition process in an interview with Collider, Nick described it as the longest he had experienced, underscoring the immense effort he invested. His dedication bore fruit when he secured the coveted role, a moment of sheer triumph and elation.

Collaborative Ventures with Finn

While Nick predominantly lends his voice to animated characters, his early ventures in the industry included an on-screen appearance alongside Finn in Jorge Perez’s 2013 short film, Aftermath.

Finn Wolfhard’s Brother Nick Wolfhard
Finn Wolfhard’s Brother Nick Wolfhard

This collaborative effort showcased the brothers’ shared passion for the entertainment realm, laying the groundwork for their future joint endeavors.

Shared Interests and Achievements

The Wolfhard brothers’ shared love for video games served as a bonding experience during their formative years. Finn, an avid video game enthusiast, reminisced about the enjoyable moments spent playing co-op games with his brother, Nick, fostering a strong fraternal bond.

Their mutual admiration for anime was further highlighted when they jointly presented an award at the 2023 Crunchyroll Awards, showcasing their shared enthusiasm for the genre.

Future Collaborations and Support

The brothers are poised to embark on an exciting joint venture in the upcoming sci-fi animation series, New-Gen, based on the 2008 Marvel Comics series. Their involvement in this project reflects their shared commitment to exploring new creative frontiers.

Despite pursuing distinct paths within the entertainment industry, Finn and Nick consistently demonstrate unwavering support and pride in each other’s achievements. Their public displays of admiration on social media platforms underscore the deep bond they share, transcending professional success.


What is Nick Wolfhard known for?

Nick Wolfhard is renowned for his exceptional voice acting talents, particularly his role as Jack Sullivan in Netflix’s The Last Kids on Earth.

Are Finn and Nick Wolfhard involved in any collaborative projects?

Yes, the Wolfhard brothers are set to star together in the animated series New-Gen, marking another milestone in their collaborative journey.

How do Finn and Nick Wolfhard support each other?

Finn and Nick demonstrate unwavering support for each other through social media posts, public acknowledgments, and collaborative ventures in the entertainment industry.

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