Who Is Mark Ruffalo’s Wife? All About Sunrise Coigney

Mark Ruffalo, the renowned actor known for his roles in various blockbuster movies, has a love story that’s equally captivating. His wife, Sunrise Coigney, has been a pillar of support throughout his career, and their journey together is nothing short of inspiring.

Love at First Sight

Mark Ruffalo's wife
Mark Ruffalo’s wife

Mark Ruffalo and Sunrise Coigney’s love story began in 1998 in Los Angeles. For Ruffalo, it was a case of love at first sight. He fondly recalls the moment, stating,I saw her and was like, I’m going to marry that girl. Their bond only grew stronger as Coigney stood by Ruffalo during his early career struggles, demonstrating unwavering belief in his talent and potential.

In June 2000, the couple exchanged vows, embarking on a journey that would see them welcome three beautiful children into their lives. Fast forward to June 2023, and Ruffalo and Coigney celebrated 23 years of marriage, a testament to their enduring love and commitment to each other.

The Early Years: Acting and Motherhood

Sunrise Coigney, a New Orleans native, has led a fascinating life of her own. Having lived in various states and traveled the world during her youth, she eventually found her home in Callicoon, a picturesque community nestled amidst nature.

Her love for this serene town is evident as she describes it as a place that “ticked all the boxes,” offering a primal way of living that she thoroughly enjoys.

Before embracing motherhood, Coigney pursued an acting career, appearing in several TV shows and movies in the early 2000s. Her passion for the arts and creativity has always been a driving force in her life.

A Devoted Mother and Entrepreneur

Since marrying Ruffalo, Coigney has been a devoted mother to their three children, prioritizing their well-being above all else. Her unwavering dedication to her kids has earned her praise from Ruffalo, who often acknowledges her strength and resilience as a mother.

Mark Ruffalo's children
Mark Ruffalo’s children

As her children have grown older, Coigney has been able to pursue her entrepreneurial aspirations, becoming the proud owner of Sunny’s Pop, a retail shop in Narrowsburg, New York.

Her store reflects her eclectic taste and cultural influences, offering a unique collection of hand-picked treasures that resonate with her personal style.

Unwavering Support and Enduring Love

Throughout Ruffalo’s illustrious career, Coigney has been his steadfast support system, standing by him through every triumph and challenge. Their public displays of affection and mutual support at various events underscore the strength of their bond and the deep admiration they hold for each other.

In December 2023, Coigney and their eldest daughter, Bella, accompanied Ruffalo to the London premiere of his film, exemplifying their unwavering support for his endeavors.

Furthermore, her presence at Ruffalo’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony in February 2024 was a poignant reminder of the integral role she plays in his life and career.


What is Sunrise Coigney’s background?

Sunrise Coigney was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, and has lived in various states before settling in Callicoon, New York. She pursued an acting career before transitioning into entrepreneurship.

How many children does Sunrise Coigney have with Mark Ruffalo?

Sunrise Coigney and Mark Ruffalo have three children together: a son named Keen and two daughters, Bella Noche and Odette.

What is Sunrise Coigney’s entrepreneurial venture?

Sunrise Coigney is the proud owner of Sunny’s Pop, a retail shop in Narrowsburg, New York, offering a curated collection of hand-picked treasures.

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