Who is Tony Mowbray’s wife Amber? All about Amber Mowbray

Former football manager Tony Mowbray’s personal life has garnered attention, particularly his marriage to wife Amber and the loss of his first wife Bernadette.

In this article, we delve into the details of Tony Mowbray’s family life, including his marriage to Amber, their children, and the emotional challenges he faced following the tragic loss of his first wife.

Who is Tony Mowbray’s Wife Amber?

Tony Mowbray’s wife Amber
Tony Mowbray’s wife Amber

Tony Mowbray, the former English professional footballer and manager, tied the knot with his wife Amber in June 2001 after their initial encounter in Ipswich.

Despite being married to a public figure, Amber prefers to maintain a low profile, and there is scarce public information available about her.

How Many Children Does Tony Mowbray Have with Amber?

Tony Mowbray and Amber are the proud parents of three children. In September 2022, Mowbray shared a glimpse into his life with his children, humorously recounting his teenage son’s reaction to his managerial move to Sunderland.

Who Was Tony Mowbray’s First Wife Bernadette?

Before marrying Amber, Tony Mowbray was previously married to his first wife Bernadette, who tragically passed away during his playing days with Celtic. Mowbray faced immense emotional turmoil following her untimely death due to breast cancer at the beginning of 1995.

In June 2020, Mowbray candidly shared the emotional challenges he encountered during his departure from Celtic after the loss of his wife. His move to Ipswich enabled him to rebuild his life, where he met Amber, married her, and together they have raised three children.


How many children does Tony Mowbray have with Amber?

Tony Mowbray and Amber have three children.

Who was Tony Mowbray’s first wife?

Tony Mowbray’s first wife was Bernadette, who tragically passed away due to breast cancer.

When did Tony Mowbray marry Amber?

Tony Mowbray married Amber in June 2001.

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