Whose Face Did Koh Steal? The Reason Why He Has A Grudge Against The Avatar

If you recently delved into Netflix’s live-action adaptation of the iconic animated series, Avatar: The Last Airbender, you’ve likely encountered intriguing parallels between the two.

The live-action adaptation sheds light on the mysterious face-stealing entity, Koh, posing the question: Whose face did Koh steal in the Spirit World? Let’s embark on a journey to unravel the Avatar’s past and the grudge Koh holds against him.

Who is Koh?

In the ethereal realm of the Spirit World resides Koh, a centipede-like creature infamous for stealing faces. Koh’s animosity is particularly directed at Avatar Kuruk and Roku. The roots of this enmity trace back to Avatar Roku pilfering a pendant from Koh’s mother, the Mother of Faces.

Who is Koh
Who is Koh

This pendant bestowed identities and the ability to alter appearances. Koh, the son, acquired the power to steal faces, using them for sustenance and intimidation.

In the animated series, Koh extracts faces from those who display emotions towards him. However, the live-action adaptation introduces a twist – only Aang is allowed to express emotions.

Koh, in a sinister turn, kidnaps Katara and Sokka, inducing a deep slumber before devouring their faces. Aang is compelled to return the pendant to Koh to ensure the safety of his friends.

Whose face did Koh steal?

When Aang confronts Koh in the Spirit World, the face revealed is none other than Ummi’s, a woman from the Northern Water Tribe engaged to Avatar Kuruk. Ummi, ensnared by Koh due to Kuruk’s hedonistic lifestyle, becomes a permanent addition to Koh’s macabre collection.

Whose face did Koh steal?
Whose face did Koh steal?

Kuruk, torn between vengeance and love, realizes he cannot slay Koh without sacrificing Ummi. The stolen face serves as a haunting reminder of Kuruk’s past and the challenges faced by the Avatar lineage.

What is Avatar Kuruk’s connection to Aang?

Avatar Kuruk, the fourth predecessor of Aang, imparts crucial advice during Aang’s quest for the Avatar State. Kuruk, having battled the Fire Nation’s onslaught on the Northern Water Tribe, warns Aang about the perils of succumbing to dark spirits.

He cautions against forming close bonds, emphasizing the solitary path of the Avatar. Aang, however, asserts the significance of companionship, echoing the sentiments of Kyoshi and Roku, who similarly advised Aang on maintaining independence for restoring balance.


Can Koh return stolen faces?

While rare, it’s possible. The Mother of Faces has the power to restore faces, as seen in the case of Zuko’s mother.

Why didn’t Kuruk just kill Koh?

Killing Koh would have also meant killing Ummi, as her spirit was bound to him after he stole her face.

Does Koh appear in the Legend of Korra?

No, Koh does not appear in The Legend of Korra.

Is Koh the most powerful spirit in the Avatar universe?

While Koh is incredibly powerful, there are other ancient and formidable spirits within the Avatar Universe.

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