Why Queen Camilla’s Family Nicknamed Her ‘Lorraine’

Queen Camilla, formerly known as the Duchess of Cornwall, has a heartwarming and playful nickname bestowed upon her by her family – “Lorraine.” This affectionate moniker holds a significant meaning, reflective of her transition from a beloved family member to a prominent figure in the royal lineage.

The Journey of Queen Camilla and the Nickname “Lorraine”

Queen Camilla
Queen Camilla

Queen Camilla’s familial title, “Lorraine,” encapsulates a lighthearted tribute to her impending role as a queen. Derived from the French term “La Reine,” signifying “Queen,” this endearing nickname embodies the adoration and respect her family holds for her.

While Queen Camilla embraced the whimsical essence of “Lorraine,” it’s revealed that Prince Charles, now King Charles, initially struggled to resonate with this playful epithet. Despite this, the affection and humor behind the nickname remained a cherished part of Queen Camilla’s identity.

The Evolution of Camilla’s Title

The discussion surrounding Camilla’s title persisted for nearly two decades, with initial indications pointing towards “HRH the Princess Consort.” However, a pivotal moment emerged in February 2022 when Queen Elizabeth publicly endorsed Camilla as Queen Consort in her Platinum Jubilee message, reshaping the narrative and solidifying Camilla’s elevated status within the monarchy.

On the day of King Charles’ coronation, Buckingham Palace made a significant shift by adopting “the Queen” over “Queen Consort” in their references to Camilla, marking a definitive acknowledgment of her exalted position within the royal family.

Camilla’s Adaptation to her Role

Queen Camilla navigated a period of adjustment as she embraced her newfound role, gradually comprehending the significance of references to “Her Majesty” in relation to her. Her commitment to her responsibilities as a queen reflects her earnest approach towards her duties within the monarchy.

Camilla’s younger sister, Annabel Elliot, provides an intimate glimpse into the multifaceted persona of Queen Camilla, emphasizing her devoted nature as a mother and grandmother. The portrayal of her as a relatable and affectionate family figure sheds light on the depth of her character beyond her regal persona.

Queen Camilla’s Personal Dynamics

Despite her regal status, Queen Camilla maintains a genuine and hands-on approach as a mother and grandmother, fostering a warm and inclusive environment for her family. Her ability to seamlessly transition between her royal duties and cherished family moments portrays her as a multifaceted and relatable figure.

Amidst the grandeur of her royal position, Queen Camilla’s family embraces a sense of irreverence, playfully reminding her that she remains “not the Queen” to them. This endearing dynamic highlights the authenticity and down-to-earth nature that she embodies within her familial circle.


Why did Queen Camilla’s family call her “Lorraine”?

“Lorraine” is a homophone of “La Reine,” the French word for “The Queen.” It was a playful acknowledgement of her future role.

Did King Charles like the nickname?

No, reportedly, King Charles found the nickname a bit too prophetic.

 Is “Lorraine” still used?

While likely used within the family, Camilla is officially referred to as “The Queen.”

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