who is Michelle Yeoh’s Husband? All About Jean Todt

Michelle Yeohthe legend actress who etched her name in history as the first Asian woman to win an Oscar for Best Actress, has a love story that’s truly one for the ages. She shares her remarkable life with Jean Todt, a powerhouse in the world of motorsports and a steadfast supporter of her career.

Let’s delve into Jean Todt’s life, his captivating career, and his long and loving relationship with Michelle Yeoh.

who is Jean Todt:

Michelle Yeoh's Husband
Michelle Yeoh’s Husband

Jean Todt was born on February 26, 1946, in Pierrefort, Cantal, France. His passion for motorsports ignited early in life, shaping his future trajectory.

After completing his studies at the Ecole des Cadres School of Economics and Business in Paris, he embarked on an adventure that would leave an enduring legacy in the racing world.

A Legend in Motorsports

Jean Todt’s career is a testament to his brilliance and dedication. His journey began as a rally co-driver in 1966, showcasing his exceptional navigation skills. His partnership with renowned drivers led to many successes, culminating in winning the manufacturers’ World Rally Championship in 1981.

Jean Todt
Jean Todt

After his co-driving career, Todt was appointed Director of Racing for Peugeot. His leadership and strategic vision were instrumental in securing numerous victories for the brand. In 1993, Todt joined Scuderia Ferrari, a move that would solidify his reputation as a force to be reckoned with.

Under his direction, Ferrari achieved an unprecedented period of dominance in Formula 1. He eventually rose to the prestigious role of CEO of Ferrari, serving from 2004 to 2008.

A Love Story Spanning Decades

Michelle Yeoh and Jean Todt’s whirlwind romance began in Shanghai in June 2004. Their connection was instant, and an engagement soon followed. In a touching display of their enduring love, they exchanged vows in Geneva on July 27, 2023, after an incredible 19-year engagement.

Their wedding was an intimate celebration of their unbreakable bond. Yeoh looked radiant in a white silk blouse and ruffled skirt, while Todt opted for a classic blue suit. In December 2023, they held a second casual wedding in Yeoh’s hometown of Ipoh, Malaysia.

Supporting Michelle Yeoh’s Stellar Career

Jean Todt has been Michelle Yeoh’s unwavering champion throughout her extraordinary career. He’s a familiar face in the stands during races and a regular companion at prestigious Hollywood events.

Most notably, he witnessed her historic Oscar win, his pride for his wife evident in every shared glance.

Jean Todt is a devoted father to his son, Nicolas Todt, who has followed in his father’s footsteps as a manager of prominent racing drivers. Michelle Yeoh has warmly embraced Nicolas into her life, creating a beautiful blended family.


Where is Jean Todt from?

Jean Todt was born in Pierrefort, Cantal, France.

What did Jean Todt do at Ferrari?

Jean Todt held several prominent positions at Ferrari, including Director of Racing and eventually CEO.

When did Michelle Yeoh and Jean Todt get married?

The couple had a long engagement and were married on July 27, 2023, in Geneva.

Does Jean Todt have children?

Yes, Jean Todt has a son named Nicolas Todt.

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