Messi the Dog: Who is the dog Messi? Who owns Messi the dog?

Forget Leo DiCaprio – Messi the dog is the real star to watch these days! This talented Border Collie stole hearts with his captivating performance in the gripping French drama ‘Anatomy of a Fall.’ His work is so impressive, fans are clamoring for a new Oscars category just for animal actors.

But who is Messi the dog? And who’s the lucky person who gets to call this furry superstar their own? Let’s find out!

Messi’s Rise to Fame:

Messi the dog
Messi the dog

Messi’s big break came when he was cast in the critically-acclaimed ‘Anatomy of a Fall’, playing Snoop, the loyal service dog of a blind boy named Milo. The film tells a suspenseful story of a murder trial, with Messi’s performance adding incredible realism and emotional depth.

His work was so impressive that he won the prestigious Palm Dog award at the Cannes Film Festival, an achievement usually reserved for human actors.

Who Owns Messi the Dog?

Messi’s lucky owner is Laura Martin Contini, a skilled dog trainer. She recognizes Messi’s exceptional talent and has worked tirelessly to develop his acting abilities. Their bond is undoubtedly strong, and Laura plays a critical role in Messi’s success story.

Beyond Acting: Messi’s Red Carpet Appearances and Fan Love

Messi’s star isn’t just rising; it’s blazing across the entertainment world. He’s become a regular on red carpets, charming celebrities like Billie Eilish and Ryan Gosling at the Oscars Luncheon.

Fans worldwide adore him, flooding the internet with praise for his acting chops and adorable personality.

Could Messi Win an Oscar?

While there isn’t an official Oscar category for animal actors…yet, Messi has sparked a serious conversation about recognizing their contributions to film.

Laura Martin Contini argues, “Why not? It takes a lot of work to make acting look natural onscreen, and it’s a skill that deserves recognition.”


What breed of dog is Messi?

Messi is a Border Collie, known for their intelligence and trainability.

How old is Messi the dog?

Messi is 7 years old.

Where can I watch ‘Anatomy of a Fall’?

Anatomy of a Fall’ may be available on streaming platforms or in select theatres. Check your local listings.

Who trained Messi for his role in ‘Anatomy of a Fall’?

Messi’s owner, Laura Martin Contini, played a pivotal role in his training for the film.

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