Sarah Ferguson: Age, Life Story, Cancer Rumors and All You Need to Know

Sarah Ferguson, best known as Fergie, has captured the public’s attention for decades. From her headline-grabbing marriage to Prince Andrew to her continued presence within the British royal family, she remains a fascinating figure.

Let’s delve into her age, those persistent health rumors, and her remarkable life journey.

Sarah Ferguson and Cancer Rumors

Sarah Ferguson
Sarah Ferguson

There have been rumors circulating about Sarah Ferguson battling cancer. However, these rumors are unfounded. Sarah Ferguson has not publicly disclosed any cancer diagnosis. It’s important to remember the importance of reputable sources when it comes to health information.

All About Sarah Ferguson

Let’s explore Sarah Fergurson’s life and the key moments that have shaped her:

  • Early Life: Sarah Margaret Ferguson was born into an aristocratic family, the daughter of Major Ronald Ferguson and Susan Barrantes. She grew up in Hampshire, England, and enjoyed a privileged childhood.
  • Royal Marriage: In 1986, she married Prince Andrew, Queen Elizabeth II’s second son, in a lavish wedding ceremony. The couple had two daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.
  • Public Life: Known for her outgoing personality and charitable work, Sarah Ferguson was a popular figure in the early years of her marriage.
  • Separation and Divorce Sarah and Andrew separated in 1992 amidst a period of intense media scrutiny. Their divorce was finalized in 1996.
  • Post-Divorce: While no longer officially a member of the royal family, Sarah Ferguson has maintained a close relationship with her ex-husband and a presence in her daughters’ lives.
  • Continued Public Profile: “Fergie” remains active in various philanthropic causes and has even authored several books, including children’s stories and an autobiography.

Sarah Ferguson age

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, was born on October 15, 1959. This means she is currently 64 years old. Her youthful spirit and energy often belie her age.

Sarah Ferguson’s Legacy

Sarah Ferguson’s life has been marked by both triumphs and challenges. Throughout it all, she has displayed a determined and independent spirit. Though her formal ties to the royal family have changed, she continues to attract attention as a public figure.


Is Sarah Ferguson still a duchess?

Yes, despite her divorce, she retains the title of Duchess of York.

Does Sarah Ferguson get along with Prince Andrew?

Yes, Sarah and Andrew have maintained a friendly and supportive relationship since their divorce.

What is Sarah Ferguson’s net worth?

Sarah’s net worth was estimated to be around £1million.

Has Sarah Ferguson remarried?

No, Sarah Ferguson has never remarried.

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