Why is the Australia women’s football team called Matildas? Are Matildas qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympics

The Australian women’s national football team, affectionately nicknamed the Matildas, are a force to be reckoned with on the international stage. Their fierce determination and skill have made them a crowd favorite.

But where did their unique nickname come from, and did they manage to score a spot in the 2024 Paris Olympics? Let’s find out!

The Story Behind the “Matildas” Nickname

Why is the Australia women's football team called Matildas?

The name “Matildas” has a distinctly Australian flavor. It originates from the classic bush ballad “Waltzing Matilda,” a beloved folk song considered an unofficial anthem of Australia. The song tells the story of a “swagman” or wanderer, highlighting themes of camaraderie and resilience.

In 1995, when the women’s national football team underwent a revamp, “Matildas” emerged as the winner in a public naming contest. The nickname perfectly captures the team’s fighting spirit and connection to their Australian heritage.

The Matildas’ Rise to Prominence

The Matildas have come a long way since their early days. Here are some highlights of their journey:

  • Early Struggles: Initially, they faced challenges with funding and recognition.
  • Breakthrough: Appearances at the FIFA Women’s World Cup, starting in 1995, and consistent performances on the world stage boosted their profile.
  • Recent Successes: Their impressive showing in both the World Cup and Olympics solidified their place in the hearts of fans worldwide.

Did the Matildas Qualify for the 2024 Olympics?

Yes! The Matildas earned their spot at the 2024 Paris Olympics with an impressive performance at the qualifying tournaments. Fans are eagerly anticipating their performance on the Olympic stage.

Stars of the Matildas

The Matildas boast a squad of incredibly talented players. Some of their most iconic players include:

  • Sam Kerr: Captain and all-time leading scorer, considered one of the best strikers in the world.
  • Ellie Carpenter: A dynamic defender with impressive speed and skill.
  • Mary Fowler: A young rising star with creativity and a knack for scoring goals.


When was the Matildas team formed?

The team has its roots in the 1970s but officially gained recognition in 1995.

Who is the Matildas’ coach?

Currently, the Matildas are coached by Tony Gustavsson.

What’s the Matildas’ best finish at the FIFA Women’s World Cup?

Their best finish was reaching the quarter-finals in 2007, 2011, and 2015.

Where can I watch the Matildas play?

Their matches are often broadcast on major sports networks, and you can find streaming options depending on your location.

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